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Thread: Can Tech N9ne Keep up?

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    Can Tech N9ne Keep up?

    Im not saying I'm better than anyone. However, i am unable to find anyone who could be on Verse 2 other than Tech N9ne.

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    There's a lot of rappers who could keep up, but I mean the snippet's not too bad though

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    this is actually pretty good, where can i download this and your album...would be nice to hit the gym with this

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    if your open for collabs i also make beats

    can also make new stuff from scratch

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cody Nigg

    There's a lot of rappers who could keep up, but I mean the snippet's not too bad though

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    I know you! I really liked that track Sleeping With the Enemy with Krizz.

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    i was thinkin o here we go another whack wannabe but it wasnt bad

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    I'll give this dap, nicely constructed verse. Smooth and clear cadence strung together with some dope vocal effects in the interval break ad-libs. Chorus was written with some decent syllable flips meanwhile while keeping a catchy melody.

    I will say this, <em>however...</em>

    Tech N9ne would most definitely annihilate this verse in regards to the quickened tempo "chopper" of rhyme.

    Not to take anything away from your efforts, I genuinely enjoyed the snippet. Just my honest opinion if we're talking contrast/comparison to one of history's most elite emcees in Tech N9ne.

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