Back in '07 I heard a song. I 'll never forget it he night i heard it. I was in 8th grade and it was the beginning of 8th grade year and I had made a new best friend. I went over to his house we walked around the town and flirted with girls all day and as it got dark we went back to his place, his parents were asleep he said he would be right back and went up stairs as I kicked it on his couch and waited for him to return. Ten minutes went by before he came back down the stairs with in hand a box of cold pizza, his mothers Tomahawk, and ah is mothers bag of weed. I was in shock, I was nervous, but I was ecstatic! He had told me he couldn't smoke weed because he was on probation but I could smoke all I wanted. I had never smoked before I was 12 years old, how the hell am I supposed to smoke out of a knife? He ended up loading it for me and showed me what to do. I smoked the while damn bag that night and ate half of the food out of his house. But one other thing happened that night he played new music I had never heard before. He played a song called "constantly dirty" and then a song called "come gangsta". Me being the metal head that I was didnt think I was going to like it when the beat started playing but after the first minute or so I became obsessed almost. And not that creepy im gunna stalk you find you and kill you kind of obsessed. After getting some of my homeboy cds i started listening more and more wand then finally I baught my own tech n9ne cd "everyday". At the same time I baught the "tech n9ne presents Kris kaliko cd" just cause it was presented by tech and ended up loving it! I baught every cd that came out from then on. In my sophomore year I went to my first tech show in spokane "sickology 101". I was amazed I had been to plenty of concerts before like ozzy osborne avenged seven fold but never a rap concert and it was probably the best I had been to ever. And since then I have been to every one since then.that same year I had found out both my parents had gotten cancer. I was done. I was so depressed at the thaught I could loose parents I gave up. I had my head phones in listening to death metal pulled my rifle out from under my bed, loaded a shot into it and went to squeeze the trigger when my music changed to ironically :suicide letters". I was amazed. I looked down at my mp3 player I took it as a sign. My mom walked in and seen what had happened and asked me what I was doing I said I was cleaning my gun. Years later she finally asked me what I was doing that day and I told her the story and she said his music (tech n9ne) had saved my sons life. It definately helped me a lot through the years tech taught me how to express my feelings on the pad and paper, he's helping me get through my father being terminally ill from his cancer ive had fragile on repeat for days, even though its a song about bullying im still very fragile my self. Ive met almost everyone at strange music and have two hats full of signatures (even emj's) and every time I meet them or see them I tell them thankb you for helping me get through the evil times of my life. And I havent got to meet tech yet but I would just like to say thank you s oo much man for real. Keep giving people hope and keep up the good work.

Sincerely a die hard idaho technician, marcus McQuesten.