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Thread: How do you become a Technician.

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    How do you become a Technician.

    <em>Do you just say you are, or is it like a group that you have to apply for?</em>

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    Give me all your credit card info and I'll let you in.

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    Haha, seriously though, I'd say if you've listened to more than one album and call yourself a Tech fan, that would be enough to qualify.

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    If you know the pledge and are a fan of elite and intricate lyricism, you'd be able to call yourself a technician

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    I haven't logged on in a while but holy shit what an epic thread to come across lmfao. How do you become a Technician? Well I hate to break it too you but there are no per-requisites if you feel the need to tell somebody that you are a 'technician' then you go right along and do so. There are plenty of legitimate technicians like for example..Computer Technicians, Electrical Technicians, Mechanical Engineering Technicians....Lots of different kind of Technicians out there... Calling yourself a technician because you like Tech N9ne music seems pretty stupid to me..Don't get me wrong I thought the song was good and that the idea was know referring to his fans as technicians but then it stuck. Because everything is on the internet now I can't tell if its just young naive kids or big dorks running around calling themselves technicians. But one way or the other it should never have been taken seriously. Lmao...I'm just trying to picture somebody introducing themselves "hi, i'm David and I'm a technician"Later Dorks!

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    "Hi, I'm Cody and I'm a technician."

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