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Thread: Crack city bitch got a fat sack, 40 , and a can of grizzly bitch

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    Crack city bitch got a fat sack, 40 , and a can of grizzly bitch

    Rough draft of our rack city remix with just two of the cru so far, feedback is much appreciated, southern flow and midwest flow, shits on tyga, but what doesnt right?

    Also please check out our new video, tha crackhouse presents Dolla Will Flow featuring Dolla Will, Tucknasty and ic Cris T, its hilarious, if anything listen to this please n thankziz

    Free ic Cris!!!!

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    Sorry to spam and shit, but check this out too if you have time, dope ass accapella from the whole crack team, two lyrical verses, two really deep, meaningful verses. all one take

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    Wow you guys fucking suck so badly never post bullshit like this again

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