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    Sign Me

    My name is Cody, Evolution by trade... I need someone to send samples to or something, I'm sure most people who want to be signed suck... I assure you I do not, search for the page named Evolution on Facebook, or add me... I was made to make music and a bunch of other stuff I don't want to get into, id appreciate if you could point me in the right direction... I have more to bring to strange than you'd believe, I know if tech himself could hear 30 seconds of me doing what I do he'd want to get me signed... regardless if I get signed or not I will continue to make music independently, my bucket list has rapping with Tech and Em on it... ill be known in a few years, I'm sure they both would want to collaborate once they see the wave coming :3

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    it takes like 15 minutes to write and record these... you think I'm playing? idk who runs this shit, but id like to talk to someone on the inside... thanks

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    I have the money to fly to strange land... not looking for a hand out, I can write a whole album in an afternoon of ^that^ caliber... if it its not with strange its with no one else, I can handle the tours... I can do better than keep up with chopping shit, seriously... if anyone sees this, hit my ass up... the sooner the better

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    Your writtens are really good especially for your age but you don't speak with conviction. You can have the best lyrics but if you don't sound good you won't be noticed. Work on the voice to sound more professional and put more effort in recording it cause it sounds really half-assed. You definitely have talent though just focus on the sound cause you're lyrics don't need much work.

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