Hey Tech N9ne,

I have been listening and following your stuff for a long time and I have come to realized how far you have come to be recognized worldwide. I'm sure it was once just an idea but now it is a global phenomenon that is embarking on a global takeover. What I mainly want to know, is how did you get the chance to move from the underground to the mainstream and what was the pathway like? See, the thing is, I am currently embarking on that adventure too (from the ground to the top of the industry) but it seems as if there are so many blockades on exactly how to do it, if my and team and I are doing it properly. When it comes to self development and exposure, we normally look at you (Strange Music) and Hopsin's crew (Funk Volume) because of your reputation of being two of the main independent labels in the underground., which is something that we will also like to do.

We will like to make a name for ourselves and develop to become a great/unique group within the industry. Once a track is turned on, you will know yes, that is Damage Control Records playing. So before I make this too long, I will just conclude by saying, thanks for reading my request and if you do have the time, could your please leave a reply, if your interested in offering some advice on how we can go about making a mark in the industry.Thanks Mickyb