Not quite sure if I will get an answer here but I figure it is worth a shot. I go to each and every Strange Music show that comes to within a 100 mile radius of Puyallup, Wa. I rock VIP every time to have the honor and oppurtunity of shaking the hands of the creators of the only music I listen to. Being from Washington I have utilized the ability to become a legal licensed medical marijuana patient and every time I come to a show I get the chance to participate in my favorite pastime which is having blunts on call for u guys, I have had the privilege of smokin with Ubiquitous, Godemis, Stevie Stone, Non MS, and Bernz...also though I did not get to partake with them I have given blunts to Rittz, Snow, and even the great Tech N9ne (though I have no confirmation if it actually made it to you or not...someone with Prozak's crew promised me that he would make it happen) so what my question is....How do I get you these blunts when u come to Seattle on the 23rd? I mean I would LOVE to be able to chief with you man but I realize that is easier said then done. But to be able to know that you at least were able to receive them would be satisfying enough for me!
Thanks very much I don't know if you had the time or patience to read this long ass thing but thank you nonetheless. Strange Music for life!!