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Thread: Is anyone still using this forum??

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    Question Is anyone still using this forum??

    It's like a ghost town in here. Everytime I visit this forum I swear I hear crickets. Weak. Where's everyone at?

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    Apr 2014
    Ahh, the calm before the storm, Ive got a feeling when strangeulation drops things will start blowing up.


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    Senior Member AlexM's Avatar
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    This forum has been dead ever since they had the bright idea of converting TRTN into this. This forum will never have life again. They might as well get rid of it.

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    This sucks dude. I had a lot of ppl on here I used to conversate with about rare Tech shit and whatnot. This is fuckin' weak! With that bein' said, anybody who has some rare Tech songs they think I've never heard, be my guest to try me. I always love getting new stuff. Also if any of you want to show off your rare shit, take a picture and send to me. Its somethin' I do on the TNRM fb.

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    Yeah they fucked this site over tbh

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    im a new but incredibly curious fan of tech n9ne, he is a rare and so gifted man , I find all of his work powerful and would like to download basically every thing i can get my hands on.

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    @Tracykay them...

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    What the hell happened to this place now?

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    well that blows.. i was trying to sell all my SM shit..

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    Sad days ....

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