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Thread: Strange Music Lyric Quiz.

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    Strange Music Lyric Quiz.

    I tried doing this on my Facebook and none of my friends could even guess the easy lyrics...
    So I figured Id come here for a bit of a challenge.

    Here are the rules. Try and post 1-3 bars from a single song.
    Not too much and not too little.
    It can be as simple or as obscure as you like.

    Obviously you could google the answers, but if you dont know move on.
    Please dont ruin it for the rest of us.
    When answering try and get the artist/track title/album.

    Here are 2 that I put up on FB and got no response...

    "Heavy handed, half-hearted, head in the clouds
    I'll buck and leave a couple fans dead in the crowd
    They want an encore, Somebody told em my flow is Darfur
    Rotten to the root, Everybody wanna be hardcore

    Got a little gwap, That's Strange! Lookit, I want more
    Packed a pack of plain white tees, when I was on tour
    Killer city cannibal, Catching a cannonball
    Sipping Caribou Lou, after I swallow an Adderall

    Had 'em all, up in arms looking, Let go, it's over B
    I'm too dumb to let any motherfucker Jehovah me
    Hold your rosary, rolling over cold as a polar B-
    E-A-R ???? getting paper with potent poetry."

    "One way ticket to necrosis
    Focus on music like Mister Hollands Opus
    Notice, Im still kickin Hocus Pokus
    Witch craft, Whip lash, kick ass
    Rhyme flows, the sign of the time shows
    So Im not behind hoes

    These rappers now? Ill Swallow ya Soul, Swallow ya Soul
    This Underground? I gotta explode, gotta be cold" - ???

    Both pretty easy. Im curious to see what people throw out.

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    Godemis' "WTF Ever" off of "The Deevil" and Tech N9ne's "Trauma" off of "The Worst" respectively.

    Why the racial profilin', villain I can't call it
    just because I'm saggin I'm an addict and alcoholic?
    yeah I drink, I smoke, used to slang dope but I'm a man
    when you talk to me, polite words are being spoke boy
    talkin to me like I'm a kid or somethin
    you got a gun? we got a gun, flashin it don't mean nothin
    but take off the gun so we can see what's up
    and we'll go at it punk, and i'ma fuck you up

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