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Thread: Strangeulation Cypher Rankings

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    Strangeulation Cypher Rankings

    Now that the video is out and I've been riding with all the verses for a while, I thought it would be a good time to finally rank the verses.

    For me it's like this:

    1. Lynch
    (Technically great, funny, clever, braggadocios, everything a good cypher verse needs. Real shame he couldn't do the video.)

    2. Tech
    (Another great verse. Great flow and the Em lines were eye (ear?) catching.)

    3. Rittz
    (A lot of clever lines and I liked how he stuck with the zombie theme for a while. And of course Rittz got flow.)

    4. Krizz
    (Definitely a verse that's meant to be performed and not just recorded. Good humor and impressive double time.)

    5. Murs
    (I like Murs's verse because it was the most clear. He had a clear message and I didn't have to spend any time trying to decipher hidden meanings.)

    6. Ubi
    (Good technique and substance. Typical Ubi.)

    7. Wrek
    (I expected more from the former battle rapper, but still a good verse.)

    8. Godi
    (Sinister with a great delivery. Really solid.)

    9. Bernz
    (Good flow. It sounded good, but I wanted a more varied verse or one with a little more substance than his overall "life if good" message.)

    10. Kutt
    (This is where the verses start getting pretty meh. Kutt has some nice wordplay here but it's a little frustrating because I know he can do better.)

    11. Prozak
    (Prozak is probably my least favorite label member, but his verse came out better than I expected. He didn't blow me away with his technique but it was something I could definitely bob my head to.)

    12. Scoob
    13. Stevie
    (I put Big Scoob above Stevie because I thought he at least tried to be a little clever with it. Both verses are pretty skippable in my opinion.)

    That's my rankings. Thought? What are your's?
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    Tech N9ne is number one in my opinion and always will be.


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