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Thread: Colorado based emcee... Check me out!

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    Colorado based emcee... Check me out!

    Just wanted to introduce myself properly. I'm a 30 year old Colorado based lyricist with almost two decades of experience. Been out of the "Game" for a couple of years and trying to establish a presence on a more professional level in hopes to impress some of these bigger underground cats, i've shared the stage with Liquid Assasin, Mac Lethal, Devin The Dude, Black Pegasus, and more. Please don't sleep on your boy, you might like what you hear

    If you have a few minutes, please feel free to check out my music.


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    Over 300 views and no replies? Damn... :/

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    This forum is just dead. Don't get down about brotha! Liked your stuff!

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    I am going to go connect with you on reverbnation. I am going to be doing a small tour through Colorado in January starting in Lamar Colorado. I would love to network.


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