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Thread: Strange Mixing/Mastering over the Years

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    Strange Mixing/Mastering over the Years

    Hey all,

    I've never posted on here before, but thought this was worth a discussion. I'm a longtime fan, and still love all the new music Strange has been putting out. But one thing that has bothered me for a while is how they've been mixing and mastering their newer releases -- especially compared to older albums from 2006-2008.

    I saw a few people talking about it somewhere online, but their older stuff has so much dynamic range compared to the new material. Lately, it's most noticeable in songs like "Stink" or "Na Na" -- their voices are so cut off and compressed, and it's sort of distracting. There used to be these warm, bassy tones in Tech N9ne's voice -- same thing with Stevie Stone. Now it just sounds really flat. It's like all of their recent songs have accentuated Bass and Treble, but the Middle is missing or something.

    I guess I first started noticing in in All 6's and 7's -- I assumed because Rob Rebeck left and the sound naturally changed. Not sure if it's happening during the engineering or mastering process or whatever, but I feel like it's gotten worse over the years, and lately the songs just sound like a brick of audio (and yeah yeah, I get the whole "loudness" war). There are actually a few tracks (So Dope, some Son of Sam tracks) where the Treble tones are so loud and compressed that it hurts my ears.

    Just curious if anyone agrees. And I'm sort of hoping this becomes a good, focused convo, so maybe Strange can take notice and make some adjustments. I miss that warm, Strange sound.

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    You are right.This old "warm" sound was way better than now.I mean I like that it sounds very clear and all but the old warmness was more enjoyable.I don't think they will turn back to it, nowadays you have to have that top notch sound and that's how it sounds now, too "top-notch".Not everyones flavor but is what it is.

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    I think his new stuff is great, of course it's not like his old stuff but that's the point, he is about mixing things up and making them weird and different. That's what strange music is. I can't wait till there is more!!

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    Yeah, don't get me wrong. I still dig the music, and think his songs are strong as ever.

    But the new Twista track is actually a good example of what I'm talking about. Twista's voice sounds relatively warm and bassy, but as soon as Tech's verse starts, you hear a lot of irritating high-tones in the vocal recording, which probably could've been EQ'd a little better. And the bass of his voice is totally cut out. It's just kinda distracting.

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    You're not about to have a good convo on this dead forum tbh. That said, what you're saying is interesting, i'll have to keep note of it

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    Too much compression fo sho, tryna get that "Industry sound". Makes for louder music tho less dynamically structured. Definitely have noticed in the VOX

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