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Thread: Actually Listen

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    Actually Listen

    I don't have thousands of dollars in recording equipment. and I do need to work on stayin on beat and perfecting the vocals n shit. but if you actually pay attention, you can't tell me I don't know how to rap or write for that matter. I would appreciate if some people on here could give constructive criticism so i can continue to improve my music, and master some more personal shit so it sounds right when i put it out. thanks

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    no comments? dicks..

    bet if I was dick riding or talking shit about someone you guys would all be in on it.

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    Yes, when people don't listen and talk about your music a good way of getting fans or people interested is to call them dicks and talk shit

    Keep up the good work

    And keep up your shitty music.

    Good job

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    shut up troll. u didnt even listen to it. my previous comment proved that u amongst specific others (not all) and who i dont know names of because they arent important, just like to be apart of shit talking. u proved my theory. anyways, thanks for you wasteful comment. oh. and when u write or record something better, lemme know. id love to hear it

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    I listened. Your flow and delivery need work.

    "when u write or record something better"

    Just a hint, you sound like a defensive faggot when you resort to that.

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    The reason nobody is leaving any constructive criticism is because of your shitty fucking attitude. Saying shit like, "You can't tell me I can't rap", "when u write or record something better", and calling potential fans/supporters "dicks" is just bad business. But I listened.

    Your flow and delivery definitely need work. You're not too bad at rhyming, but when you rap faster you have a monotonous tone and you aren't very clear. And the lack of clarity has nothing to do with lack of equipment, I just don't think you should flow like that. And I heard you rhyme single syllable words like "fo" and "mo" a couple of times...stay away from shit like that.


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    I don't even feel the need to waste my breath critiquing this to be honest. It's horribly awful from your lyrics, rhyme pattern/cadence, productions, to everything else in between. I would at least try to shoot you some constructive criticism but you need to tremendously improve each of those aspects, which are all key factors of an artist, before I could begin to even attempt to call the trash you linked me to as music. I see absolutely no potential in this song (and I use that word very loosely) whatsoever.


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    Yes, i made a bad move. to prove a point, but regardless it was a bad move. aside from that, i couldnt care if anyone took a shot at my music, or called it shitty, or poked fun at the fact that i call it music. moving from that, i do appreciate the feedback that was given. ill take everything into consideration before finishing my next little project. uploading this song, i expected nothing but negative feedback. but with nobody on my end of things helping in any type of way, i have to learn every aspect. so i do appreciate the feedback that was given. at least your opinion was backed up so that i can see where i need work. i can see some negative areas, but not everything. so thanks.

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    people don't comment on shit that looks like it was from someone who just signed up on this site to promote their shit. you've been around for a bit, but at least change that fuckin blue head so people might actually go 'hey, it's that dude, let's check his shit out', instead of 'oh another fuckin' blue head'

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