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Thread: Goddamn assholes

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    Goddamn assholes

    /Start Rant\ Was playing disc golf today here in Boise, accidentally threw one of my discs over a fence. So I put my disc golf bag down on a picnic table and hopped the fence to go look for my disc. Come back about 5 minutes later and my bag is gone. Wouldnt of pissed me off, because theyre just discs, but my wallet and car keys were inside my bag. So I told my parents and they freaked the fuck out saying we need to change the locks on our doors cause someone has our house key (Was attached to my car keys), knows where we live due to my drivers license being inside my wallet, and I need to pay em back for that since its my fault they needed to change the locks. That was $150. Also I have no way of unlocking my car now, so it is going to be unlocked until I can get a new key. No idea how much a new key is gonna be, but either way.. This fucker who decided to steal my disc golf bag, is costing me close to $200. Went to Play It Again Sports (If you dont know what that is, a place that buys used sporting equipment) informed them of the situation and left my phone number. If whoever stole my shit goes there and tries selling them my discs, the police will be called on his dumb ass and I'll laugh the entire time. Anyway, I thought you guys would like to know this story cause I felt like writing it out and venting

    /End Rant\

    P.S Fuck you Sean cause I know youre gonna read this and laugh, then bring it up with me when I see you next. Douche.

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    I wouldn't be leaving my wallet un-attended here in Sydney let alone the land of crime America, sorry to hear bro, sux balls

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    I really didnt think about it too much, obviously, cause I was only gone for not even 5 minutes. I just dont understand why any one would wanna steal a disc golf bag. I had 6 discs in there, and even if he went to sell em back he would only get maybe $20-$25 out of em. Guess thats worth him having theft on his record if hes caught.

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    I wouldn't be leaving my wallet un-attended here in Sydney let alone the land of crime America, sorry to hear bro, sux balls

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    Glad you find it amusing

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