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Thread: I saw you here in Hawaii just kicking it on the beach, never said a word to you.

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    I saw you here in Hawaii just kicking it on the beach, never said a word to you.

    Aloha Strange INC,
    I am a very humble person, and just have one request, would you come play a show in Hawaii. I would like to meet everyone of you, but I would feel like a flea, just annoying. So I keep my distance, but I wanna see you guys in a show again. I have been to 3 shows, everyone of them, was a blast. At this point I am ready to fly to CA and catch a show. Over 3000, for all that. I do not even have a job, I hustle. Least if you came here I know where everything is, Lean, Thizz, Some blow that will take your face off, I get the best smoke on Oahu. If your to busy or if Hawaii does not make you money coming here, I understand. Its business. Anyways, Aloha, Thanks for your time.

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    'some blow that will take your face off'. I like this for so many reasons.

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    awsome song by a hawaiian!!
    The memories of to be or not to be.
    Rah always ending in our names.
    time only tells the beauty to stand still.
    Staying true, like the lyrics in beautiful.
    Hard act to follow, in two private worlds, that's for sure.
    Might as well been the apple in your song
    I do have memories even as young as I may have seemed,
    The fictitious little sister who never existed just might be Me.

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    Hawaii weed? Dude hell yeah.

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