I had a screw loose so I picked up my tool to rule and even allowed a laugh or two
So used to winnin he forgot how to lose
Abused by these women and swimmin’ in boose
Confused by who’s sending whom to whose?
Positioned to push past prose’s precedents
Preventing particular people plottin’ on presidents
There’s a reason they all dead
Cause takin em outta hand is like takin off a head
That means I’m attached at the hip, like a glock or a whip
Haters gone trip, so give me a trigger its flip
Never sealing the sound out so loud that the beat steady poundin
Grounded in my mathematics so methodical
Listenin to what their sayin and counting out all of um
Call it another audible
Touchdown in mushmouth town so forgettable
As you can see it unforgettable
Just a little one out the bottom I come
Fond of everyone but forgotten by some
Still there ain’t no fakin or mistakin that I am the one
Never no fun, Cause I’m always into dough
Got a little scractch, got the fever, need some mo
Scopin pretty ladies now its time to go for broke
Don’t prevoke the pen of a artist with Picasso on the other end of the line
I’ve exceeded the sawed off fargone cry of a shy child,
Now I know Why I faced those hardships
Now like I now like pain
On that S & M bit like I maintain in my lane
I said it before, so I’ll make it simple and plain
I replaced the strife with glory to god’s holy name

You gotta never give up and never give in
That’s what it really takes if you wanna win
If you did your best rest well on that good day
Tomorrow’s a new one, Push on til Sunday