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Thread: VIP ticket question

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    VIP ticket question

    If my name is on the shipping address and another name is on the card I use to order the ticket, will my name be on the VIP list or will the cardholders names be on it?

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    If im not mistaken the person name who purchased the vip package will be on the list! So say if your girl, friend, or family member bought it for you there name will be on the list, and if they only bought 1 vip there name will be on it and they would have to write a note and sign it for you to take to the venue to let them know that they purched the vip for you and give you permisson to take it! If they dont do that then you will not be allowed into the vip or show! Now say they bought 2 vip packages in there name and they are attending the vip/show then they would have vip plus 1 and you will be fine.

    But you can alway use the contact link at the top of the page to get hold of them to get a better answer

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    I used my brothers card to order but filled out shipping in my name. MY NAME WAS ON THE LIST. But, I brought a letter from my bro just in case and they didnt need it because it was under my name.

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    thanks, would suck to buy one then have to stand lol

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