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Thread: I would make a Great ~!st Lady of strange!!

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    I would make a Great ~!st Lady of strange!!

    I am the anonymous gurl three my aka is Caspur.

    and am mentioned in the song Leave me alone

    and my own messege left in intro of Killing you....

    A true majesty of Kaycee-Em-Oh
    A relative to eminem.

    the gates will open for the saints so chill,
    god will prevails so as far as killing you.
    Shoobedoobie doo is my answer to you....

    When I look in your eyes
    Baby here's what I see
    I see so much confusion
    And it's killing me...

    thats all that killed me, was your false claim.
    in the song killing you, you think???
    nobody warned me about you,
    eye to eye we both know.

    Eyes never lie in past time,
    love at first sight or magnum P.I.

    It hard to tell, when your chasing for a home.
    A destination I will hopefully go...

    etc, etc, and I dont stop.
    Infinity, love and guidelines,
    against tech n9ne, refined.
    Thank you for the lyrics,
    pulled a cas and went off the map.
    much love 808 benden, sister, yup
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    The memories of to be or not to be.
    Rah always ending in our names.
    time only tells the beauty to stand still.
    Staying true, like the lyrics in beautiful.
    Hard act to follow, in two private worlds, that's for sure.
    Might as well been the apple in your song
    I do have memories even as young as I may have seemed,
    The fictitious little sister who never existed just might be Me.

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