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Thread: Kutt leaves strange

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    Kutt leaves strange

    I know this forum is kinda dead right now, but couldn't let this news pass without talking about it.

    From Strange's Facebook:
    "Kutt Calhoun and Strange Music have decided to part ways. Kutt fulfilled his commitment with Strange and has decided to pursue other opportunities. Kutt Calhoun has been an integral part of Strange Music for many years and released an incredible catalog of work with us.
    While he is no longer signed to Strange Music, all of us here at Strange wish Kutt the very best in his future musical and creative endeavors.
    - Strange Music Inc."

    I'm surprised, but it makes sense looking back on it. Tech didn't seem to be happy with Kutt's contributions to Strangeulation and I'm sure Kutt didn't appreciate being left off some tours and lack of promotion for his material.

    What do you guys think? Will you miss Kutt? This also means we may never see the entire Areola song performed live again.

    Also, feel free to post your favorite Kutt track or verse in memoriam.

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    Sucks. Can't blame him. I bought his first EP and Raw and Un-Kutt. Was letdown by Black Gold but bought a merch hoodie from him because I liked him enough to want to support but his albums weren't enough for me to buy them. With that all said I don't want to be one of the guys hella bitching about him doing it, but it still sucks that he did.

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    Kutt was always my favorite, personally. From being the hypeman in the beginning, to his albums. Always was tight on the mic and amazing live. Such a shame that Strange didn't feel like his genre was in the best interests of the label. Wish him nothing but the best. His catalog was amazing, and his songs were straight up gangsta! Really dug the test song that used the Billie Jean beat. Him and Tech side by side, doing their dance number. Straight dope from 2 straight G's! One of the 3 kings is gone!

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    My understanding was that Kutt actually requested to come off the tours as of late. It also doesn't help that he was unable to leave the country, so anytime they did cross the borders he couldn't go anyway. It's not really a surprise, as there have been signs of this day coming for quite a while.

    What lack of promotion are we talking about? Looking at his last album... would that be his inclusion on the label sampler? The posters and flats sent out to the street teams? The release party held for it that included Tech? It surely wouldn't be the FIVE music videos they put out for it right (one of which included Tech)?

    Don't get me wrong, I'm a Kutt fan from day one. I just can't see "promotion" being the issue with him. I could see it maybe with Skatter & Snug back in the day, when they started doing videos for the albums (including Kutt) but they had to do their own. A label can only do so much.

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    "We hope he can do it without Strange, but Strange is a fuckin' force to be reckoned with, my nigga. It's hard out there for a pimp." Tech's quote yesterday regarding Kutt, as reported on HipHopDX. It seems that he is isn't too worried about Kutt and that he is more concerned with keeping Strange Music growing.

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    Good news! Now if only we can do something about Prozak and Big Scoob! lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by IMO View Post
    Good news! Now if only we can do something about Prozak and Big Scoob! lol
    The reason I say this is because they need to make room for for more Elite MC's. Aqualeo, JL for starters

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    I am pretty sure Big Scoob isn't putting out any albums with Strange anymore, just appear on a couple of tracks here and there.

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