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Thread: Tech N9ne and Brotha Lynch Hung dedication song from 2004...

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    Cool Tech N9ne and Brotha Lynch Hung dedication song from 2004...

    Here is a dedication song to Tech N9ne and Brotha Lynch Hung from 2004, before they were working together. Someone was looking into a crystal ball.

    L-Love "Underground Legend" featuring Booda Cess

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    Thank you to those who sought me out and found me on twitter via this post. That means a lot. Every lyric in the song way back in 2004 was spit from heart (minus that being my last time on the mic).

    I truly respect Tech N9ne and what he has done, building his brand from the ground up fan by fan. I remember first purchasing "Anghellic" and being really impressed then purchasing "Absolute Power" and being blown away. "Absolute Power" got constant rotation in the car, the house, every party I went to I took it with me. I am proud of all that Tech N9ne with the great Marketing and Promotion skills of Travis, has built.

    Brotha Lynch Hung. Same thing. The came with a new flow pattern and style that was completely and totally unique at the time. At first the hood didn't understand it. It was too unique they were used to rappers rhyming with a slower deliberate flow pattern and Lynch was inventing his rip gut on that "24 Deep", by "Season of da Siccness" he had built his core fan base. He was solidified. To this day I still don't think that Lynch truly understands how those first fans he built are his foundation. The concrete of which his house is built on. Notice how "24 Deep" did about 30,000 core sales (true sales not elevated Black Market Record Sales)? And 22 years later he still soundscans 30,000. That is a core fan base.

    Sorry for the ramble. I can talk about the respect for these artists accomplishments all day.

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    TechN9ne is good but all of his fans are dickriders and losers on occasion there will be some decent ones but even then juggalos are weird and I've noticed being a strange music fan awhile normal people don't wanna join our lifestyle because we are not normal we look like douchebags with no manners or lives my friend describes our group as white trash and idiots we say we are crazy but truly we are not we are just dumb people that have nothing to do we have to admit it our music is crap and our looks are crap we need to chill with the immmm a insane person act cause truth is we are all just a bunch of pussies behind paint some of us are even using this group to hide there homosexuality by acting like an a-hole and guys just chill with the ultimate brotherhood shit its weird

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    whos to say his fans are all juggalos and all the craziness you said lol TECH is the only one who should define his fans,

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    A man or womans music taste should in no way define their character. That is a shame that fans of Tech N9ne, Brotha Lynch Hung, ICP, Twisted, Esham, Natas or whoever should be judged based on what they are listening to or what they are wearing.

    This world is based on diversity. Imagine if those same people were judged on their taste in music. "No you cannot be the CEO of Apple because you listen to Country Music". Makes no sense at all. It is all about being comfortable in our own skin while we are here.

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