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Thread: Is SAM WOW really worth the listen?? Hell YA!!!

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    Is SAM WOW really worth the listen?? Hell YA!!!

    Check him out at or on YouTube

    send him an e-mail message commenting on his music and you may win a free T-shirt!

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    ~~RIF-Rap Roots of Sam Wow~~

    The roots of Sam Wow and RIF-Rap go deeper than can be imagined. Starting back when I was growing up in a slice of land near Bemidji MN the very thought of rap made me go into a coma just thinking of the pointless rabbl rabbl they blabble. With only the medicine of metal and the relaxation of rock to sooth me from an illusion I cant seem to awake from I decided to find a new way to express what was brewing deep inside. after years of searching and pondering I found a group of hip hop artists (A.B.R.). Not only did they have talent but they were the kind of people I knew would understand and appreciate my message. over the next two years I honed my craft more and more until I found my calling, a mix of my past present and future. Wreckless of the North Stars then created a series of beats that changed everything and Diabolical was able to be unleashed. With the new found power of RIF-Rap ( a balance of hip hop rap and rock ) or rap with a rock inspired flow and the backing of northern Minnesota's fastest growing record label I now have the tools to unleash what has been dormant for many years....

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    new interview now on the website interviewed by Anthonious Monk

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