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Thread: The new SHADY XV CYPHER (Em's Verse possible diss to Tech?)

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    Exclamation The new SHADY XV CYPHER (Em's Verse possible diss to Tech?)

    I'd like to know if Eminems verse in his new XV cypher is directed at Tech! I quote eminem in his verse when he says ....

    "Scream "fuck you" on the way out and wink with a smile
    This whole game can eat a dick, I'm going back deep underground
    But right now I'm back on that bullshit and you I'm singling out
    Cause you're so fucking outdated you should mingle a while
    What the fuck is this clusterfuck of busters
    Bunch of Buster Douglas', motherfuckers is one hit wonders
    One swing and you're crowned
    Knocked one out the park, one catchy jingling now
    You think you fucking with me cause you sold like 300 thou
    Bitch, I can jump without my feet ever leaving the ground
    Reach up, swing from a cloud with 3 thousand people around
    Evil and vile enough to leap in the crowd"

    Is this Em's way of retaliation to techs verse on the strangeulation cypher?
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    What was Techs verse? I'm having a hard time seeing the specific connection

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    I don't see the connection at all

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    Eminem is good tech is great I think its towards tech!
    and then clusterfuck is what he says in his song E.B.A.H
    Eminem mad no body like him anymore

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    Give her the shivers when I deliver this
    Hit her then quit her cause she's on Twitter shit
    And when she compare me to Eminem I said
    I'm different, she said how, I said I'm black and I can say nigger bitch!
    To him I may just be another bro with a flow
    Will probably never tour cause it'll be thousands of Juggalos at a show
    And I heard fatalities happen on each side
    So there's never no let it go
    So I get it, I keep what I'm makin' incredible
    All of them scared of a nigga tho

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    Are there just more patches on some than others or are the patches better on some than others? I have mostly used what looks like the H3000SE in the past, always sounded great to my ears. How do the others stack up in sound and features?

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