Attachment 53My best friend Camille Rose Lockhart is in an induced coma in this second. It is her senior year in high school and she has been working her ass off to graduate high school. She was riding back seat in my moms soft top saab convertible. Her lungs have collapsed and she has bruising on her brain. She is only 17. One day she dreams to become a rapper and meet you. I was wondering if it was possible with your schedule just to come see her when she comes out. She learned Am I a God in one day. She loves World Wide Choppers, Mamma Nem and every other song you have made.
Camille is the nicest person that I know. She wouldn't hurt anybody if she could. She is one of the best people person at Mcdonalds in Laurel, Mt and just in general one of our best workers. She loves it just when people are around. It brings her to life. But she can be a bitch if your waking her up but she gets over it fast. She has gone to multiple concerts and you are her idol. She is my little gay buddy. Just give her a chance and you will see how great of a person she really is.
She also enjoys many other strange music artists. She is a rapper from the heart and looks up to all of you. If you would do this it would mean so much to her. It is her senior year like I said and she will more than likley not be able to return because she will not be fully recovered. But I want to see her eyes grow with happiness after all the pain and suffering she is going to be doing. If you decide to do it thank you and if you don't i'm sorry I wasted my time. My boyfriend and mine and Camilles best friend were in this wreck and Camille is in the worst condition. Thank you for your time.
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