It still amazes me how slept on Fury is. He definiteyl could be on strange music IMO he is the best artist over past decade. He has what 6-7 projects that dropped and all of em are classic. But this new shit "Top Of The Food Chain" is his best work to date. I've been anticipating it since I first saw the album cover. This album took me by suprise. I knew that it'd be dope but I didn't expect it to be this dope. He's got spits for days and every type of flow you could ever think of. Not to mention his production steals the show. I'd buy an instrumental version of this album if it was available. 2014 has been a pretty good year for music. But if I had to go back and only chose one album to purchase from this year it'd be this one. I highly suggest you get you a copy or purchase a download. It's worth every cent. If you have a system it will be thanking you. So roll up a few fat blunts. light em up and sit back and enjoy.
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