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Thread: VOTE "META P" in 2012

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    VOTE "META P" in 2012

    What up everyone? I'm an emcee out of RI. I just got nominated in my home city Providence, RI for "Best Rap Act." (Providence Phoenix). I know there's alot of REAL hip hop fans who dig REAL shit. If you get a minute- hit click the link under the video and vote. As one hip hop cat to another I would appreciate it. Peace everyone, META

    you can vote once a day til May 18th- Make sure to "cast ballot" and enter your name or it won't count.....

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    Hahahaha Meta this "campaign" clip is just full of WIN. I laughed throughout the whole thing. Good luck, I'll do my part to click the link every day. How the hell does this post have no fucking replies????? Meta's fucking DOPE!!!!!!!


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