Bradford Witherspoon's latest New single , "Hellbound" now on YouTube

In Brad's own words, "This is a song about my constitutional rights being taken and being left with no avail despite all I have accomplished. I have a degree;testing genius level on an I.Q. test and have had a doctor certify me deemed competent on a psyche evaluation; all this within a year's span of being locked in a "Health Care Facility". Two years have gone by with no end in sight, refusal to the medications will result in physical restraints and an injection with a months dose of a more potent psychotropic drug than the one you are already on.And the psych doctor you are assigned to will NEVER step foot in this facility.You only deal with a nurse practitioner every three months and two out of three times,that is through the computer screen on camera;a process called "Tele-Psych". In two years,I have seen two residents out of 150 actually getting to leave this facility...One in a body bag.R.I.P.George 'Gang-Bang Lang".. He would've loved this song and the awareness I'm trying to propagate of Missouri's healthcare neglect;.Is it like this in the state you live in? (I doubt it) "