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Thread: rhyme Sayers Delight

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    rhyme Sayers Delight

    Ok Ive been thinking

    When I'm in a room
    with executive producers
    How can I convince them
    That I'm worth it thru music

    I've been gifted with verse
    And its urgent I use it
    I can encourage the youth
    Through profuse elocution

    How can I convince you
    To come purchase my viewpoint?

    Just cause it matches
    Twenty six batches
    lysergic acid
    Crossed with a pack
    Of strike anywhere matches
    Batton your hatches
    Cause when I open My open
    mind its fantastic

    It's surprising to find the devine
    Intertwined. so defined
    Deep inside of the MADNESS

    What can I bring to the table for you
    Cause you entertain
    My unstable
    Delusional musings
    I hopes its amusing
    So I can use the influence
    To boost a new movement
    And create a sensation
    That changes the wavelengths
    Of nature

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    I stay with the wicked
    While spraying the siccest
    People say that I'm great
    Like a new Charles Dickens

    is what
    Hits your lips
    As you witness
    this kid
    Rip the shit

    I find the rhyme
    Inside of my mind
    But feel it deep in my fingertips
    This is that new Stephen Stinger shit

    This poisonous mist that these pricks spit
    Stinks like shit from a cess pit

    I flow like a river that glistens in the mid spring

    I got a big vein for these dames
    And a big brain for my pages
    You'd think Id been rhymeing for ages
    But this gift is something they gave me
    Cause I grew up with nothing but imagination
    So Im patiently waiting
    Till I can break..

    Out, no scout
    I was raised in a drought
    Don't pout
    Always proud
    Walk loud and talk louder
    The shit out now
    Is softer than powder
    Straight after a shower
    This is my verse and it comes in power
    I just wanna devour the beats
    Murder music
    There a few fuses

    Off, never soft
    All the talk
    I just scoff
    And then walk in a different direction
    I'm giving your innards
    A vivid vivisection

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