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Thread: im confused now??????????????

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    im confused now??????????????

    tech said he wants to release his next lp at the end of oct but thats when lynchs holloween ep is suppossed to drop so does that mean we aint gettin that and where the hell is manniblector?

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    In a more recent video interview update he said he's hoping to drop it on his upcoming birthday, 11/08/2012, as Welcome To Strangeland was released last year.

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    Wasn't lynchs ep suppose to drop halloween last year? But yeah Techs new lp will come out on his birthday this year.

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    ah alright thats whats up and yeah it was supposed to but lynch wasnt n the right mind so he passed but appearently he wanted to do it this year and preciate yall

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    he is on the longest tour n rap and hip hop history lol so he is prob workin on them all tour long and he said the kevin heart and t-pain is gonna b on the album

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    Damn dudes it will have been an entire Year from strangeland...that seems like a long ass time for tech...i'm glad tho maybe he will put all his effort into this album

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    New tech cd and black ops 2....hell ya modafukka

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    hellllllll yeah!

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    New tech cd and black ops 2....hell ya modafukka

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    didn't Lynch say he is pretty much done with Mannibalector?

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    i hope so i been waitin for that ever since he said he was smokin and drinkin for this one unlike daam and chs which means its gonna b 100 times sicker then them

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