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Thread: Dear Tech N9ne: I Love You But Fuck You

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    Dear Tech N9ne: I Love You But Fuck You

    So Tech N9ne is officially saying that he hopes that his artists will go mainstream and be received by universal audiences "how they're supposed to" which translated means that they attain great commercial success. Okay fine, fair enough. But from this point forward I don't want to hear anymore of this "Tech will never go mainstream, The mainstream will go Tech" bullshit, because he clearly doesn't care what the majority of his fanbase have to say about his questionable new signings simply because he sees their potential to breakthrough to enormous success and create prosperous financial gain. I'm not talking about Mackenzie, she's obviously going to have a spot on the roster regardless as an heir to the label. Also all that aside, I'm honestly a fan of Mackenzie's work thus far. There is a huge difference. I'm speaking of Darrein Safron, Above Waves, etc.

    This is a direct quote of Tech N9ne's on this interview.
    "So, how do I respond to people saying Strange going mainstream? I hope one of them DOES go mainstream. I hope the world receives Mackenzie like they’re supposed to. I hope people receive Krizz Kaliko’s new album like it’s supposed to be received, on a major scale."
    This clearly indicates that Tech N9ne is genuinely hoping that each of his acts including himself are able to reach a level of mainstream success and will do everything in his power to ensure that this happens including signing artists who are no longer technical lyricists but rather catchy pop vocalists who further propagate the ignorant messages that the mainstream radio salivates over. Just listen to Darrein Safron's actual lyrics and tell me if he belongs on Strange Music, a label who prides themselves on elite inspiring lyricism?

    Tech seems to think that anybody who is a vocalist (or an excuse for one) is automatically creating the same soulful inspiring R&B/Soul music that Krizz Kaliko has been making for years. That is incredibly shallow narrow-minded logic at best and truly is insulting to the authentic R&B/Soul artists who are leaps and bounds more worthy of a spot on Strange Music than a laughable Bieber-esque Darrein Safron. What Tech N9ne isn't understanding is the real gripe that the true longtime fans have with artists such as this. It isn't that he can't "sing his ass off" as Tech likes to put it. It's that his lyrical content is absolute hot garbage, point blank. The fact that he relies on sideways marketing techniques and vocal effects that are played out only further take away from the apparent talent that we are supposed to be focusing on.

    Now don't misunderstand what I'm saying here, Tech. You can absolutely sign new artists from every single genre ever known to man if you should so please but before you do, make sure that they actually fit with the creed and soul of your label. Yes, music is subjective and tastes vary. So how will you know? Well, you are a master lyricist who prides himself on surrounding himself with other top notch master lyricists. Saying "FUCK YOU!" to what everyone else is doing for commercial success and simply making the best quality music. That's the Strange Music spirit. That not only applies to Hip-Hop/Rap but also Alternative Rock, R&B/Soul, Pop, and so on and so forth. You simply need to ensure that whoever you sign from whatever genre truly fits the bill of an elite inspiring lyricist.

    Tech N9ne saying fuck the fans who don't like these new acts that he's signed is an absolute slap in the face to anyone who's attended those sold out shows, bought every single one of those pressed out albums, and paid over three times the normal amount of money to go to a meet and greet to shake his hand and praise his artistry. So you can either pride yourself on owning a label that's putting out the best quality music from the most elite technical lyricists or you can simply say that you are trying to sign new acts to expand your musical horizon with hopes in one day reaching massive mainstream success. But you cannot have it both ways, Tech. It's either one or the other. Trying to persuade the fans that you can play both sides of the fence and still remain sincere and genuine is simply an enormous disservice to all the people who have actually supported you from day one.

    I Love You But Fuck You,

    A Longtime Fan Who's Very Disappointed

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