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Thread: Diggy Simmons Ft. Tech N9ne - Monstrosity

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    Diggy Simmons Ft. Tech N9ne - Monstrosity

    Here is the song that tech made for diggy's album but he decided to not put it on. i don't really understand why he would do that this sounds awesome

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    IDK but Tech would've murder the track or maybe some of his reps were scared of a dude whos name was Tech N9ne lol either that Or Diggy was too nervous about getting murdered his own shit idk though

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    Pfffff unless Diggy Simmons is saving this collaboration for a future project as a marketing technique he is a complete fucking retard lol. I'd be willing to put money up and bet that this snippet alone literally smashes anything that will surface on his album hands down. He also more than likely paid a pretty penny for this feature, so if he's inclined to waste his or his label's assets then at the end of the day that's his problem. I'm glad Tech N9ne decided to share this, although the audio is pretty low quality it sure as hell sounds murderous! Maybe if it remains unreleased we'll get a table and chest acapella run down on a future mixtape or something.

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    yeah i was thinking he would save the colab until he progressed as an artist and could somewhat stand up to tech on his own track, but no way thats happening tech murdered it. diggy was probably scared he was gonna get shown up on his debut album. whatever tho i wanna hear the full quality song

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    damn that song was sick, diggy and his people are dumb for not putting it on the album. Shit was fire

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    That track is so fucking badass. I have to pwnyoutube it for the mp3.

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    i guess im gonna have ta defend lil diggy here man......i work in the grip/lighting industry (side note: if you don't know what a grip is, we do all the building of sets for movie studios, videos, and shit, a lot of heavy prop work involved).and actually had the chance to work on one of diggy's video's about a month ago. (hey I'm not gonna turn down a paycheck in this economy! so fuck u for judging me!) On one of the days before filming started I got a chance to kick it with him a little bit and just shoot the shit. He's actually a cool kid in person by the way, not what a lot of you may think of him. Anyways, just bullshittin around i had asked him about the song tech n9ne did for him and he seemed a little surprised i even knew about the track. Bascially what he told me was his label was puttin a lot of pressure on him to have this huge commerical release and they wanted him to hurry up and put an album out while his name was just getting hot wether or not Diggy felt it was finished or even ready to be dropped. And when ur signed to a major label you pretty much have to comply with everything they say or ur in breach of contract. Apparently tech wasn't the only one not to make the cut, but he did say he might finish the track for a mixtape or maybe use it for his 2nd album depending on the direction it's going in. This kid may not be the best rapper ( he does have potenital) but at least he's out there trying to earn his respect and not ride off daddy's coat tails so ya gotta give em props for that......don't know if that's the explanation yall were looking for but it is what it is.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dubya11

    Fair enough..ive never even looked this dude up before but is it Runs kid?

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    dude he has no control over his own the fuck can u say he didn't want it on there. Anybody who's anybody that has a tech feature puts it out (execpt that poe whosaine track) .. unless you've actually talked to him personally, ur just a hater so quit actin like a turd nerd....he's knows he can't match up to tech, after talkin with him I highly doubt he's gonna try and out do u think wayne and t pain out did tech?.....i don't and Fuck Food is still bangin.....

    Quote Originally Posted by crow

    he didnt wanna put it on there because he would get destroyed so hard on a track....doesnt want his fan to look down on him

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    Yeah, that's obnoxious it didn't make it. Would have been cool to see Tech do a guest chorus, too.

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