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Thread: Kickin and Screamin Snippets

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    Kickin and Screamin Snippets

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    off judging the snippets(which isnt much) im on the fence about spending 30 bucks on the cd. a lot of an r&b feel to it, on the other hand theres 8 or 9 tracks sounding like bangers

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    Sounds awesome, you can hear the influence from his past albums 'n also the development since then. My favorite snippets so far aside from what we've heard already are Hello Walls, Created A Monster & Kali Baby.

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    Can't be the Only One

    Hello Walls

    Kali Baby


    Dream of a King

    Hurry up May 15!

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    This album is going to be great

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    It's something I could definitely vibe to, only time will tell if its great though

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    should leak till next week

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    incredible enough said

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