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Thread: Tech N9ne Wikipedia Page

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    Tech N9ne Wikipedia Page

    Recently I have read the tech n9ne wikipedia page, I noticed it was very dated and scarcely filled out, considering the plethora of information available about tech's life. Particularly the "early life" section, which was entirely written according to one source.

    Other prominent artist's pages have a luxurious extent of information available, which presents the artist in a luxurious fashion. I believe now that tech n9ne is big-name artist he deserves an equally impressive wiki page. Many new fans search wikipedia to learn about the artist, it is in many instances a first impression.

    If we fans want to do our part to extend tech's career, I believe a good way is to contribute to the wiki page. I call on to every tech n9ne scholar to aid in the effort of presenting our artist in a more respectable -- even impressive -- manner. For, it is a step towards the world domination us technicians seek.

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    I Second this.

    Quote Originally Posted by a tie a


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    Eminem points to Wikipedia so I am sure Tech does too...isn't their way to contact person that made the page or is i charge of it? or is it open to anyone to update? I ask because some are open and some aren't....

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    lol x3

    Quote Originally Posted by Chief

    I Second this.

    Quote Originally Posted by a tie a


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