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Thread: How many actual CDs do you own?

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    Jul 2010

    How many actual CDs do you own?

    Needed to find a new way to store my CDs so I counted how many I had and got curious about how many other people had. I have just over 500.

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    used to have about 30, now i have about 5. due to someone who stole most of them.

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    887 & still counting....also used to work @ hmv [canada] for 7+ years and met customers that have collections much larger then what I have acquired. [unfortunately I am not worth a million dollars...haha]

    Even in music interviews, people like ?uestlove, Pharrell, etc. have thousands of records/LPs/7",etc.

    [as a collector, I always know my exact count, because I have an "inventory system" that is alphabetized & all that......]

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    more than 700. this is why if i download something from a well known artist, i don t feel too guilty. lol

    but i ll always buy albums from artists i really respect. like everyone in Strange.

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    I have 28 xD

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    Jun 2010

    I have ~130, though I'm thinking of downsizing.

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    222 and all of strange now except for the hooligans.

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    A gazillion,but i'm all digital now. Everything's in the cloud,haven't bought a physical cd in years. Might burn some for the car every now n' than....

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    307 CD's (i'd have to say about 150 are passed down after my uncle figured out itunes v_v)

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