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    Hey what's up fellow technicians,

    I wanted to get your guys' opinion on a random thought that I think would be str8 sick! What if tech set up one big massive show in a central location for all technicians to meet up and rock shit! I think that would be fuckn crazy for all of us to meet up and just have one massive fuckn show.....or even if he split it up into 4 sections of u.s. and just gathered all of us together to get the biggest and most crazy crowd ever! whether you have been loyal to tech since he started or are jus getn exposed....would you hit that up and travel for that oppurtunity? I sure as hell would man....for real! I love all you fuckers and it would be so dope to just have a big ass gathering so we all can tear shit up together ya know? Tech murders shit on stage like no other and it would be legendary to show the world how we do shit. Would be sweet ass dvd too. I wouldn't miss that shit if it ever happened....what u guys think? Is it a beautiful thing and realistic idea to ask him for or is it unrealistic cause of traveling expenses and time? Wanna hear your guys' thoughts cause that very well could be one of the best shows of all time if we all gathered!!! Chaaaaa

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    Cmoooon bitches whaaaddya think man?

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    I think u should gather areound the search bar... This threas has been done multiple times

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