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Thread: 2Pac hologram performance *AMAZING*

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    2Pac hologram performance *AMAZING*

    This was at the Coachella Festival last night. It was an intelligent way to bring 2pac back to life for a performance. Dr. Dre and Snoop also do some tracks together. Eminem and 50 Cent also perform.

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    my thought exactly...AMAZING! I saw the trend on twitter and seen everybody talking about it so I youtubed it and I was blown away! I bet that performance took Snoop back

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    That shit is crazy! i would have loved to see that live!

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    I completely disagree with you. This was about none of that. You think they used this to hype the show? It was speculated that they were going to have Pac performing as a hologram. No one actually knew it was going to happen. You think they made a huge profit from that performance. It probably cost a ton of money to put that together. They got all the money from Dre, Snoop, Kendrick Lamar, 50 cent, and Eminem performing. While I'm typing I'll add out of no where that Eminem has lost his flow and delivery. It was shocking how terrible he sounded.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Crazy Englishman!

    Wont try an chat shit, the hologram itself is fuckin sick, its crazy what technology can do today, but this just shows the music industrys true colours. Theyve finally got an artist they can permanantly attatch strings to an make em dance. It aint about pac, its about the hype, the trend and the money. He already got robbed of his money while he was alive, and motherfuckers are still in his pockets now hes dead.

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    RA's thoughts about this....

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    Somebody sounds bitter, lol. Hologram was amazing though.

    Quote Originally Posted by EVLNSTX

    RA's thoughts about this....

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    bet snoop was scared as shit of the hologram tupac!! cuz snoop knows what he did and who hes involved with

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    Hologram porn is gonna be hype

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    This. OMG

    Quote Originally Posted by Evan Kettler
    Hologram porn is gonna be hype

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    Not real sure how I feel about it. Equal parts creepy and cool? But yeah, Pac probably wouldn't have been on stage with Dre. That beef was still brewing. And if he'd seen what his buddy Snoop did/said after he no longer had to fear Pac, he wouldn't have been up there with him either.

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