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    Justinperfetion talking to all 6's and 7's whats on earth in tracks to push like its heaven? sorry dont wanna let the henney pill its getting hot Welcome to hell? Na` Not my mattow Even if it feels like vortexs walking with my shadow, meaning death if you can even fallow bad time ripes in my sorrows will the blvadear sleep it off for tommorow?

    dam in the strange lean, on the back rode's watch mac make easy change talking about how the game changed keep the 2 dollos iwanna make to the highway. if you can tell not careing what you think i smoke we red cared inc, all acoppellow bleank if you need a bet. outrage H-a-z-e giving it to you like a E-p Wishing KlusterfuK would of peeped me but whats justin if he didnt sing? Please only fighing for a dream

    Ha` leave it or love it.

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    Are you even speaking english..?

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