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Thread: Ces Cru Mixtape Download Links.

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    Ces Cru Mixtape Download Links.

    if you go to datpiff and have an account then you can download both ces cru mixtapes

    The Deevil - Godemis

    Matter Dont Money - Ubiquitous

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    damn, good find

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    these mixtapes are way to hard. these 2 dudes named Ces Cru are ridiculous! tech's the man for knabbin these 2.

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    Can someone put the songs on the 2 tapes up on YouTube?

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    Can someone send me the Mp3's to The Deevil? I don't really want the Ubi one

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    "The Deevil" is currently unavailable
    This is most likely because the uploader is currently making changes. Please check back later.

    Quote Originally Posted by crow

    they dont work

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    i think they took them down. they arent supposed to be out yet.

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    damn got my hopes up lol. did anyone dl them?

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    Yeah did anybody download them, They are "currently unavailable" Somebody upload them somewhere so we can dl. Or if you want to be really fucking cool, you could email them.

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