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Thread: Wolfpac: Square Peg Round Hole

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    Wolfpac: Square Peg Round Hole

    The Band founded by FORMER co-founder and co-vocalist of the bloodhound gang Daddy Long legs, and long time partner in blood splatter and grime Buddha released on the 1st of this month the new Album Square Peg Round hole. Known for their "different" live show, and completely raw hosting of Psychopathic Radio Live (formerly known as wfuckoff radio) from the gathering of the juggalo's Wolfpac have been around for a while, and although some would think they arent busy, they stay grinding. now for those who aren't fan of Wolfpac thats fine, but seriously keep the hate to yourself. Wolfpac dropped their debut album "evil is.." in 2001, the music is founded in east coast hardcore metal, punk, horrorcore, and hip hop, but defies being any one of those genre's entirely. With the masked men, and dancers they make for energetic live shows, and have toured the country with friends and associates, Twiztid, Insane Clown Posse, Big B, Kottonmouth Kings, as well as done numbers of shows with artists like Slipknot, and GWAR. If you wanna chck out the material go to or Itunes to listen to clips or go to here is the look and one sheet of the band for your eyes

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