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Thread: Benevolent Destruction (Beat)

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    Benevolent Destruction (Beat)

    New beat. Honest feedback appreciated

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    Maybe its just me but I couldn't really get into it.

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    It's a good beat i'll give ya that, but it doesn't seem to have much soul or emotion to it, just seems a lil plain

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    youre getting better but its always something with your snares, they seem off beet and there isnt any transition on them or smoething

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    its cool to me kinda reminds me of the old lost boys sound track

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    Didn't like, too much emphasis on the percussion, which kinda goes nowhere.

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    I'm only doing this cuz you asked me (?) My feedback (more of my opinion than advice) is as follows:

    I like the main melody. it's a little low tho. But maybe you wanted it low. IDK. But I feel like the beat would benefit with another instrument in the higher frequency range in a hook or refrain doing the same melody. Lots of repetitiveness (which most hip hop beats have) but find a way to switch it up a little bit every now and then.

    I actually don't mind the percussion being so overpowering in this one. It adds a pretty cool dynamic, but, however, the drum samples you picked sound really...idk the right term...plastic? like they sound cheap and low quality. perhaps find some higher quality samples, or work on brightening the ones you have a little bit.

    Not too bad of a start. but i feel like you need to add some more stuff. Orchestral strings would fit right in. Even if it was lightly over the top of the melody. Some cello stabs or something wuld sound cool in certain stops if it went wit the melody. and yeah. ummmm not too bad dude. btw that kick, i know it came from the fl studio hip hop kit. i hate it. get rid of it. lol

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