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    Let this be the official thread for all of your pics, videos, stories.....whatever you wanna share. I know we're only a couple weeks into it, but we've been jumpin from state to state doing meet n greets and puttin on CRAZY shows and we do it for YOU! So I want to see it from your perspective! Show me what you see, Hostile Takeover Tour through YOUR EYES! HIMMI HYME!

    "ROLLIN STONE" 6-12-12

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    damn i wrote out a long response and then tried putting these pictures up and it erased it all...

    anyways i wanted to say thanks to stevie for showing me and my girl some respect and talking with us despite being busy and taking care of his own business...he put it down as always and the new shit from rolling stone was fire...cant wait to get that to have to wait til june for it but oh well

    mayday was also off the hook and i can't thank them enough as well for being cool and hanging out with us...i bought stuck on an island when mayday got signed and loved it...wore that shit out playing it for everyone i met...then they produced those tracks on welcome to strange land and klusterfuck and i bumped those as well...plex and cash are awesome producers...

    besides them being musical genius and now my favorite band putting on an awesome live show, the guys were cool as shit and down to earth, taking time to talk with me and my girl while we were there...even hung out with us at the bar for a long fan here y'all...really appreciate the love and respect y'all showed and enjoyed the show...small venues are great...and its great to know that the guys of mayday are some cool ass dudes as well as being the greatest band I've seen is a genius and signing y'all and stevie was a great move last year...strange music is growing and getting the best of the best on it...would love to see hopsin get on strange too one day...

    tech and kali ripped it up as well...weird not seeing kutt with them but ill catch him on the solo tour if he comes close enough...mayday needs a solo tour...those guys could use a longer set...

    as a side note i appreciate the playing of the a veteran myself and have lost some good friends to this fucked up war shit...really do appreciate the respect for our troops and other vets...especially since it doesn't seem like a good way to end the show...but it was killer..thanks again...

    shit, i had wrote out some good stuff about how awesome the show was and how small venues rock, strange music treated it like it was a huge show and blew the top off that bar...anyways much love and respect to all of strange music and thanks to mayday and stevie (himmi hyme!) again for being real and taking the time to chat it up with your fans...ill catch y'all in jackson at the end of june with some vip passes...til then be safe and keep ripping it up!

    oh and cop some of those mayday glasses at the show!

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    I took a shit on a banana.

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