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Thread: Thoughts on "Take Me To Your Leader"

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    Thoughts on "Take Me To Your Leader"

    It's on itunes now so we can discuss.

    i think it is REALLY fucking good. their best work.

    best release from strange in a while.

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    Senior Member DirtyGinger's Avatar
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    Aug 2010

    Its beyond anything I expected

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    Its better than anything strange music has ever released, and ive been a following all of strange since 02. Just wait for Ces cru's mixtapes. shits gonna be tight.

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    Let it sink in even more after a few listens. Easily one of the most solid releases on the label.

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    Sounds like the best release from an artist other than Tech and Lynch. I thought Jay Rock and Cyhi Da Prynce was on the album.

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    I knew this shit would be dope!Highs and lows has been out for like a year but I'm stoked to have some new material from them

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    shits fuckin epic lovin every track

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    Haven't received my pre-order yet but being it's up on Itunes i might just have to give into temptation and buy it. Can't wait to hear it though sounds like it's a solid album Mayday all day long!

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    love it every track is bangin best release from strange in awhile Mayday is insane anyone got any favorite tracks? Just put the itunes version on my ipod so now i can listen to it all i want

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    some favorites of mine are r.e.m , devil on my mind, last days, badlands and landos jam

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