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Thread: Looking for a tattoo

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    Looking for a tattoo

    I saw a strange music tattoo a while ago tht I can't find anymore. It was tribal but the strange music logo was incorporated into it. It was on a guys arm and I would love any help on finding the pic, thanks!

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    I do plan on drawing my own, just wanted to get a better idea.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Crazy Englishman!

    Instead of using up your time looking for a tattoo that someone else put effort into designing, why don't you spend that time designing/finding someone to design your own one? There aren't any copyright laws for tattoos but that doesn't make copying someone elses less cuntish/douchebaggerish. Unless of course you just want to find the picture to look at it and say 'Wow, thats a sick tattoo', in which case, i'd advise you to find another hobby...

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    I can draw you up a sikk ass design.. get at me if you want one

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