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Thread: "Donde esta la fiesta"?

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    "Donde esta la fiesta"?

    Anyone remember this and if so, where I might be able to find a download of it? Also does anyone know what album it was supposed to be a part of? Stumbled across this

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    I think it was just from a sampler from a show maybe. I had it but deleted it, I downloaded it off YouTube years ago.

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    Google it you will find it. I don't know if there's a way to buy the actual song and its from a movie soundtrack

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    It's not from a "soundtrack" per-say, as there wasn't a "soundtrack" released. It was including in the "score" (thus, appearing in the actual movie... in this case, during the credits from what I recall). I believe that, uh... Artist Direct... put up a stream and/or download of it years back, but it was just a rip from the credits and not the full track. We're missing a third verse from Kaliko I do believe. It was done by David Sanders, by the way.

    EDIT: Yep, Artist Direct had the stream...,00.html

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