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Thread: Rare shit for free

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    Rare shit for free

    I have a couple SM samplers, 2 rare icp cds including basement cuts when they were inner city posse, and swizzz' album, plus some other shit. I am down to just give this shit away for free as long as you take all of it off my hands, I don't need it taking up room anymore.

    And for Twiztid fans, I have their comic book about bella morte.

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    i wouldnt mind the swizzz album but i am in canada so if you dont mind shipping

    up to you

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    I would but I am not paying for anything.

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    how much for shipping for it all

    ill give you 10$ but you ship me everything

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    whats the swizzz album called?

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    seriously though? and you'd throw in a twiztid comic? hey man i'll take em off your hands

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    Hey man. What was up with this? You never responded back.

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