I wrote a verse to this beat http://soundcloud.com/chromadadata/oldschoolflava what do you think and can you beat it?

Crackin down like an, Steel helmeted vikingThin sliced like a, chip then set to dicingRappers now a days got no heat or fireMe I'm sounding like a, clap of thunder then lightning

Smashin down on suckers who are destined to expireTo fit em all dig a grave reachin Micheal MeyersMy desire makin heat, meltin iron stake and beefBurnt by fire slangin beast, This hang glider waste the feet

I Ride with the wind my sides have some wingsLike I drank some redbull I fly while dumpingIf you did'nt get it when I said it sent it dealt itMise well just forget it and sit back kick back let it

Into your mind with signs hangin up highSayin "This guy gets strong like pop eye"See music tunes moving through like cartoonsMostly from the beat but from what I bark too

Its simple grab to pick up pencil and listenA window opens up my mental flow wickedI kindle my own shit my temple so twiztedA crystal compares to edge my tempo so gifted

Spittin, acid venom liquid summoned up conjured titanThis is, mighty putty hardened up to a monster spiked skinBusiness, gettin ever better everyday with stronger writinVision, Rich with money fillin pockets with honor tied in

Gauntlets will be passed in order to reach my destinationRhyming, writing flows any time not to mention rapinI wrote this at about, 3 in the morningI spoke this at about, 4 in the morning

I hope this will shout, in words of gloryI vote to go out, in darkness and snoringSo my last words to say before I go off and awayEnjoy the rest of the beat I aimed for air A.A.