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Thread: Klusterfuk #1 on itunes hiphop chart and #7 overall

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    Klusterfuk #1 on itunes hiphop chart and #7 overall

    Tech is probably a little used to this type of success but we definitely are not. Just want to say thanks to all those that supported and one time for all the street team members! Crash landing all over the band-stand in 2012!


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    Fuck yeah, its well deserved for all of you. Production was Hella nice for all songs.

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    Plex Luthor's beard for president.

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    Definitely awesome to see it in the top charts! Can't wait to hear the first week numbers!

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    Thanks so much for the chance to have a place on this course it sounds like just what I need! I would just love to scrapbook as I am still quite new and don't always seem to have the get up and go to actually get on with it, I would be happy to complete LO's on the everyday as well as the extraordinary xxx

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    no, thank you

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    *#6 on iTunes overall

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    It's #8 now after 2 days of sale.

    Edit: But he's still #1 on the hip hop chart.

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    Plex you need to help produce some Music videos for techs upcoming albums, i love all of maydays vids

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