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Thread: cant stand me translation

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    cant stand me translation

    ok i think this is what the translation of kalikos bridge is

    ves que ellos dicen que so hay malo para ti si, tu, me, amas de pueden desangra, desangra no soy bueno pero te llamo te llama no soy bueno puedo te llamo te llama

    <div id="gt-res-content" ="almost_half_cell"><div dir="ltr">You see what they say that is so bad for you yeah, you, me, love to be bleeding, bleeding I'm no good but I call call you I'm no good I can call you call you

    <div id="gt-res-listen" ="trans-listen-button goog-toolbar-button">
    <div ="goog-inline-block goog-toolbar-menu-button" title="">

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    yeahh I can get it when tech does German... but I'm not really keen on Spanish
    good look

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    I thought he says te amo in the end which means i love you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lil Prophet
    I thought he says te amo in the end which means i love you

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