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Thread: Uk WWC I think lol

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    Uk WWC I think lol

    It's like the uk version of WWC what's the US opinions of this
    Uk not that keen just wanted to see what Americans think of these uk artist there not our bet tho lol there's others as well;feature=fvst

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    You, sir, are fucking retarded. This is NOTHING like a UK WWC. The fact that Giggs is in it CLEARLY shows that this isn't a track focused on speedy spit. It's a dope track, apart from Chipmunk, nonetheless.

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    Was just about to post the same as Stranger, nothing at all like the WWC, and those artists are mainly sell out, commercial bullshit rappers! we have a lot of talented MCs! The only one on there i've got any respect for is Giggs, the English chopper is hands down Ghetts!

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    saw the name Chipmunk, and exited that shit. Anyone that Lowkey has crushed is not worth my time. Speaking of, Lowkey should have been on Worldwide Choppers after I saw his MTV diss

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