I am just wanting to know what everyones thoughts are on techs videos mainly. My favorite videos are Like yeah, Red nose, Low, Leave me alone, and here comes tecca nina. (also forgot to add that i think Who do i catch was pretty good)

I honestly think he should let the guys on Mayday direct and produce his videos because i have been looking at quite a few of their videos on youtube and they are all dope. I think Plex did Death March and i love that video, plex does a damn good job on the videos he helps with which is probably all of them.

I'm not hating on who ever is behind techs vids right now which i believe is liquid 9 but i think they lack the ability to project what they see in their ideas into the actual video because some of techs videos like show me a god and mental giant have good ideas but they just look cheesy. I know tech doesnt have alot of time to be fucking around with videos so they may rush them or something..

I would like to see Mayday be the creative minds and producers behind techs next videos and see how they turn out.

Your thoughts on this?