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Thread: Why did Tech do even 1 song with lil lame?

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    Why did Tech do even 1 song with lil lame?

    Tech is fast.......Lil wayne is slow

    Tech stays on beat and actually creates a beat with his words....... Lil wayne can't stay on beat

    Tech has a deeper meaning in his songs.... Lil brain wayne is shallow in all songs

    Tech has sick lyrics consistently..... Lil gay rarely has a good line he just decides to laugh in his songs

    Tech always has a deep hook with loads on melancholy..... Lil wayne...? nope

    Tech has a fan base with cult-like dedication to his music and his message...... Lil wayne does not

    Tech is creative, everchanging with his lyrics and sound..... I have more creativity in my terds than lil wayne has in his music.

    Tech evokes loads emotions in most of his songs..... Lil wayne not so much

    Lil Wayne still the "greatest rapper alive"? I'll bet he'd lose to Colt Ford in a rap battle and that's sayin somethin. He ain't got shit

    Tech's got a flow comparable to Ludacirs, the speed of Busta Rhymes, creative lyrics paired with the right bass, beats, melody, message, and featured artists that literally MINDFUCKS a man.


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    Because you are a faggot that asks stupid fuckin questions

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    Lil Wayne runs the fuckin industry right now. It was a a huge move to gain exposure. Which it did. And I also hate Waynes giggles and most of his work. But he actually can lay it down from time to time and his mistakes a few years back really were dope. You sound extremely closed minded and a psychotic fan. I hope you don't kill tech 1day because you love him so much.

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    If you don't understand why Tech would collab with Wayne, it's not even worth explaining.

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    He had publicity before that?

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    Maybe he did a song with Wayne because he wanted to. The fact that you don't like Wayne has nothing to do with if Tech likes Wayne. He likes his music enough to collab. Who gives a shit? I'm not saying everything Tech does is good, but you're just hating on his taste of music and artists. Tech has done many collabs with artists I don't care for. If you don't like the song skip it when it comes up on shuffle.

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    you're asking a question over a year after the collaboration was confirmed. Now stop being a little bitch and fuck off. You're not the only one who doesn't like Wayne

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    Chill guys, he's probably new and doesn't know the story. In 2010, while he was still in jail, Lil Wayne was interviewed by Funk Master Flex. When asked about who he wants to work with in the future, Wayne called out Andrew 3000 and, of course, Tech N9ne. This lead to all sorts of people in the hip hop industry to get into contact with Tech, which got him some exposure. Tech went to visit Wayne in jail and they discussed whatever for 3 hours. After that visit, it was agreed that Wayne would feature on "All 6s & 7s" and Tech would feature on "Tha Carter IV". The rest you should know. THE END

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    fuck wayne, and shame on tech for the collabs

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    The Jazzman hates Lil' Wayne and even he thinks "Lil Lame" is a lame insult.

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